Corporate Culture

Our vision

To become the world's leading IC design company.
Our roadmap comes from our vision: to provide us with an endless stream of motivation, and guide every aspect of our company towards the direction of sustainable developments.
Let our products become the best in all markets.

Our mission

Create, optimize and integrate technology, leading to a smart life.
Our mission builds the framework for our roadmap.
Our mission determines our actions, and the ideals for our enterprise and employees to work towards.

Our core values

Talent First, Openness and Transparency, Integrity and Accountability, Pragmatic and Innovation, Pursuit of Excellence, Collaboration
Our core values tell us how to achieve our vision and fulfill our mission.
It serves as a compass for our actions and behavior.

Talent First
Definition of people management: 1P+4E

Openness and Transparency
We advocate the concept of open and transparent management, putting efforts to create a fair, equitable and efficient working atmosphere for employees.

Integrity and Accountability
We are an enterprise with integrity, all illegal, fake and plagiarism actions are prohibited.
We are a responsible enterprise to our employees, our customers as well as our community.
Our employees need to be responsible, accountable, and willing to take on new challenges.

Pragmatic and Innovation
Pragmatic - Our employees are hard working, never take shortcuts, and always take steadies steps with continuous progress.
Innovation - Our employees have the desire to innovate, to explore and discover the uncharted territories. We dare to break through the challenges, to have the courage to try new tasks. We never fear failure.

Pursuit of Excellence
Regardless of the weight of jobs, we strive to achieve the best outcome for all tasks.
Each of our designs are errorless, precise and clear.
All of our products and services can exceed customer expectations.

To share expertise and experience so all employees benefit.
To develop and improve the compensation plans for our employees so both company and customers are satisfied.
Utilize strategic cooperation and improve the growth of the industry so both company and suppliers gain benefits.
To stabilize employment and raise living standards so both the company and society win.

Business philosophy

Dare to be the last challenger
1. Able to find the opportunities of the current market
2. Able to identify the issues of the current players
3. Dare to challenge the existing players
4. Able to come up better product (lower cost with better functionality) than the existing players
5. Create new products for new derivative market based on the current market.