AppoTech Wins 2015 Hong Kong Awards for Industries - Technological Achievement Award

Hong Kong, Dec 14, 2015 -- CEO of the AppoTech Limited, Mr. Chuck Cheng, received the 2015 Hong Kong Awards for Industries (Technological Achievement Award) at the Awards Presentation Ceremony-cum-Gala Dinner in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

"Our winning Bluetooth (BT) technology is a highly integrated and cost effective System On Chip (SOC), a dual core CPU platform, which has very high efficiency with power saving parallel computing architecture. We are so thrilled to receive this award from Hong Kong Awards for Industries (HKAI) that is championed by the Hong Kong Government. It's a successful story of our AppoTech team who works intelligently to produce consistent and exceptional products.", said Mr. Chuck Cheng.

With the winging technology, one CPU handles Bluetooth baseband and protocol communication; Another CPU handles various audio digital signal processing (e.g. Audio Codec, Acoustic algorithm, etc.). This architecture reduces CPU speed and requirements through parallel computing, so as to lower power consumption and reduce royalty fee for CPU architecture. When the BT SOC is tightly coupled with system software, it can be widely adopted in various wireless communication applications, including audio system in BT speaker, headset, and car audio or home theater. Also, it can be used in BT control system, like keyboard, gamePAD, home automation. In addition, the latest Bluetooth platform has already extended to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Specification 4.2 for Internet-Of-Things (IOT).

About HKAI:
Championed by the Government, the Hong Kong Awards for Industries (HKAI) was launched in 2005 by merging the former Hong Kong Awards for Industry and Hong Kong Awards for Services, established in 1989 and 1997 respectively. The HKAI aims to recognise the outstanding performance and achievements of Hong Kong enterprises in enhancing their competitiveness in various aspects.

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