Part # Architecture Stacks Max Speed (MIPS) Program ROM (Byte) RAM (Byte) GPIO ADC Timer PWM Interrupt (Ex/In) High EFT OVP/OCP IRC WatchDog LV operation Package Tools
AX688 Compatible with SAM87 core 2.5 4Kx8 OTP 208+48 18 10 ch 10-bit 1x8bit 8-bit 12-bit 4 5KV 8 MHz Y LVR SOP20/DIP20, SOP16/DIP16 IDE
AX699 8-bit RISC CPU with 60 instructions 5 levels 8 2Kx13 OTP 96 12 5+1 ch 12-bit 1x8bit 1x16bit 32M 16bit 3 external/3 internal 8KV Y 16 MHz Y LVD SOP14/SOP8 IDE